A Slice of Paradise: Exploring St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands

A Slice of Paradise: Exploring St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands

Villa St Thomas is an amazing villa situated in one of the most idyllic and convenient locations on St Thomas Virgin Island. This place is a perfect blend of luxurious places with historically wealthy culture. This villa offers dine of the most luxurious facilities with amazing views and locations nearby.    

For those who are interested in a great experience like Villa St Thomas stars when they arrive at Cyril E King airport connecting the island. Most of the airports connect it with non-stop flights from New York, Texas, Washington, Florida, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, and Houston. You get the option to travel private or commercial and the villa will arrange transport for the short drive over to Villa St Thomas. 

While visiting from the airport you get to see Charlotte Amalie and the perfect harbor with a great view surrounded by mesmerized hillsides. 

St. Thomas Resort has all the facilities from private chef services, boat charters, excursions, dining recommendations, provisioning, and on-site massages. It provides all these facilities in a place far from the mainland which is an amazing facility.

Property Overview

St. Thomas is known for its easy check-in and great hospitality. Its warm welcome makes guests feel at home with beautiful views from suites, a bigger covered veranda, lots of space for gatherings, a huge swimming pool with a pavilion, and quiet areas with private respite.

These are some elements that are perfectly placed in one of the top luxury USVI rentals and that will surely give you long-lasting memories, the villa micro details include world-quality linens, a fully equipped kitchen for all kinds of beach meals, and smooth reading nooks are small things which make a big difference. You will be able to enjoy your stay, and you will surely get some of the best memories of life at St. Thomas Resorts.

Offered Amenities in St Thomas, Virgin Island

This property resides in a waterfront location with a mesmerizing view. This is a 6-bedroom property that consists of three queen-sized bedrooms and two king-size bedrooms. There are five bathrooms out of which 3 are attached with rooms and two are commonly located near the living room. With its large swimming pool and spa, this property creates a huge impact. With that, it has a central hot tub that will help you relax. It also has a stone sun deck for sun baths with fully covered outdoor beds.

In total, the size of this luxurious villa USVI rental will offer you a 4000-square-foot interior. This includes six bedrooms and five bathrooms with kitchen and living rooms. With that, it got 1100 square feet of covered verandas and 1200 square feet of sun decks. With that, it is also connected with the outdoor grilling area if you love to take your party outside. It is also connected with the step stones with water edge. St. Thomas Resorts has bi-weekly housekeeping and Concierge Services upon request. This makes it a perfect place to stay. 

Property Established and Nearby Attractions of St. Thomas Resorts

St. Thomas resort is established at the end of Pelican Point or some call it Carb’s Point. This kind of location gives it an amazing view. The distance is one mile west of Red Hook, on the northeast end of St. Thomas. This property is situated at the end point and offers a very private stay which is secured by a road gate and a home gate. 

The district of this property from 2 beautiful beaches is just five miles and it is just three minutes drive from 20 top food places in St. Thomas. And if you wish to travel to St. John then you will get very easy access to fairy. Its distance to St John Bay is just a 5-minute walk and the nearest beach is Lindquist Beach which is just a 7-minute walk. The nearest restaurant from St. Thomas resort is only a 5-minute walk. And if you wish to travel then the distance to St John Ferry Terminal is a 5-minute drive.

If you want to cook food then you will find the nearest grocery on a 5-minute drive. It’s a property that is situated by the sea so the nearest marina is only a 5-minute drive. The Cyril E King airport is a 25-minute drive.  This creates very easy access to all kinds of basic and tourist destinations for those who wish to get the best quality holidays by the sea.


There are multiple beaches and harbors which are easy to connect with while you are in St. Thomas villa. The most amazing destinations here are Coral World Ocean Park, Magens Bay, Sapphire Beach, Coki Point Beach, Secret Harbor, Water Island, Honeymoon Beach, Mountain Top, and Skydive to Paradise Point.

You will also get lots of adventure tourism spots with lots of things to do which include snorkeling, sailing beaches, nature and wildlife, ports for call your, nature and wildlife areas, scuba diving clubs, kayaking tours, and jet boat hire. So in a nutshell this place will offer you all types of accessories and an amazing lifetime experience at a very reasonable price. So St. Thomas Resorts is one of those best places in the Caribbean island that deserves to be considered while you are planning a trip to St. Thomas or nearby places.

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