Best Things To Do in St. Thomas

Best Things To Do in St. Thomas

Introduction to the St. Thomas Islands

St. Thomas is one of the three US Virgin Islands which are the major tourism destinations for those who wish to explore nature around the USA. St Thomas Island perfectly combines real natural beauty with very deep culture.

This is a 32-square-mile island with two cruise ports which are Haven sight and Crown Bay. These are located in the south near Charlotte Amalie. This is also the capital of the US Virgin Islands.

Major beauty attractions of St Thomas are its glistening bays, white sand beaches, breathtaking short peaks, rolling green hills, luxury USVI rentals, great food with amazing places to dine in, and a haven from noises and complete silence of mind.

On St. Thomas Island you can enjoy lots of duty-free products, and because of a stable year-round climate, you can visit St Thomas any time of the year. This is a well-deserved vocational home for those who are looking for a break from crowded cities and stressful lifestyles. Most importantly if you are a person who loves seashore sunset and clean weather then this is the right place to be. 

Things that you can enjoy in St. Thomas

There are lots of natural habitats, wildlife sanctuaries, ocean life, and high-class premium facilities that you can enjoy any time of the year. St Thomas villa getaway is the perfect vacation home and with the rich culture, this place has been created for vacations only.

Magens bay beach

Magens Bay Beach is the perfect destination for those who want to live by the beach. This is one of the most popular beaches on St. Thomas Island.

You will find it on the north side of St. Thomas. Magens Bay Beach is a combination of lush green peninsulas. These peninsulas play a key role in protecting the shores from huge waves and land erosion.

This place is a perfect definition of a beach. Because of its calm waters, and pleasant weather, in Magens Bay Beach tourists can enjoy paddling, boarding, or kayaking. There are mountains by the beach, which roll right down to the bottom, this gives a picture-perfect scenery. You can experience an amazing sunset. After that, you can enjoy lots of seafood options, with a cold beer at the full-service bar.

Exploring bars and restaurants of St Thomas

For the last 200 years, people of different races and ethnicities have been coming to this island. As a result of this, it has a very rich culture which plays a very important role in the food of restaurants and bars in St Thomas and nearby islands. Even if you are residing in any of the St Thomas resorts still you would find lots of amazing food items. But if you wish to enjoy superior quality then you should visit any of the finest restaurants. In the evening if you wish to enjoy a romantic dinner, then you can choose any of the finest restaurants, which will offer you an elegant yet relaxing atmosphere for incredible local flavored foods and fine wine.

Coral World Ocean Park of Marine Habitats

In St Thomas, you will get the opportunity to enjoy marine life at the Coral World Ocean Park. This five-acre area of the  Coral World Ocean Park is where tourists enjoy lots of fun and exciting activities, which include exotic marine exploration and nature trails under the ocean.

This area allows getting in close with sea lions, dolphins, sharks, and many other amazing creatures of the sea. It will give you a closer look at nature and you will get the opportunity to find your favorite places in the vibrant coral reef. These are guided treks of the ocean floor which are safe and will give you a feel of adventure.

St. Thomas Adventure Islands tours

Touring the island is a great experience and will give you a closer look at the natural beauty of St. Thomas. St Thomas is a great place for tourism and features various tours. You can enjoy a long kayak and snorkel eco-tour with St Thomas Adventure Tours. This is a five-hour tour in which you can enjoy most of the exploring two beach areas. 

Underwater sites near St Thomas

St. Thomas is a favorite place for divers who enjoy the ocean. In the heart of the Caribbean, St. Thomas gives you an amazing underwater experience. There are lots of diving sites with a variety of terrain with natural underwater structures. This makes it a picture-perfect underwater experience that you can share with the world. From new unexpected divers to professional divers, St Thomas has all the necessary facilities which are requested for underwater exploration. 

Luxury USVI rentals of St. Thomas 

In the small area of St. Thomas, you will find all the facilities necessary to have an amazing stay. One of the most environmentally friendly and luxurious villas of St. Thomas is known for their facilities and hostility. St Thomas villa getaway and Villa Marbella USVI rentals are some of the finest quality St Thomas resorts.

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