Discover Paradise: Your Ultimate Guide to Visiting St. Thomas, USVI

Discover Paradise: Your Ultimate Guide to Visiting St. Thomas, USVI

First impression

The Caribbean Sea is one of the best tourist attractions in the world. It’s a unique combination of nature’s magic. Nazareth is a settlement on the eastern side of St Thomas Villa Getaway in the United States Virgin Islands. And being one of the most attractive locations there are many places where you can stay. And one of the major properties in this area is Villa Marbella USVI, 15-24 Frenchman’s Heights, Nazareth, US Virgin Islands. It is just 6 km out of Nazareth. St. Thomas has a great background with an amazing collection of locations to visit. For that, you will need a place that is based in the center of it and Villa Marbella is a great place for that. 

Property Overview

St Thomas getaway is one of the most attractive destinations for tourists. It has lots of beautiful places to visit and the food is a great feature of this place. It has a very rich culture with its roots connected with the historical places. So for people from all over the world Villa Marbella has a place like home that is far from home. Villa Marbella USVI is an amazing place that is perfectly situated between Red Hook and Charlotte Amalie. This property has a capacity of more than 16 rooms and at least 50 people comfortably reside here. This property is extended in the area of an acre of beautiful tropical. With its lush green landscaping with beautiful views attracts lots of beautiful birds. This villa is perfectly airy and it is blessed with a cool breeze and wind year-round. 

Key Features of the Property

If you’re seeking luxury rentals in St. Thomas, Villa Marbella is the perfect choice. This spacious villa offers all the comforts of home, boasting a generous size of around 220 square meters. Inside, you’ll find fully furnished rooms complete with a well-equipped kitchen, making meal preparation a breeze. What sets Villa Marbella apart is the stunning ocean views that many of its rooms offer, providing a picturesque backdrop to your stay. Parking is hassle-free and secure, and you’ll have access to complimentary Internet throughout your stay.

Nearby locations to visit from Villa Marbella

Coral World Ocean Park: 

If you are Caribbean then you should be a fan of the underwater world. Here at Coral World Ocean Park, you can dive into the underwater world and explore vibrant coral reefs. Not only that, you can swim with the beautiful creatures of the sea. It was available in a very close range to Villa Marbella.

Magens Bay:

If you love beaches then you should know about Magens Bay. This is one of the cleanest beaches in the world. And you get a very close ride from Villa Marbella. You will get to see the crystal-clear waters and experience the magical powdery white sands. This is a place from your dream which makes it an ideal spot for swimming, sunbathing, and everything that you can do on a beautiful beach.

Virgin Islands National Park:

Virgin Islands National Park is a major attraction and you can hire a taxi from villa Marbella. It is not so far. You can take a day trip and go to St. John and explore the Virgin Islands National Park. Here you can do a long walk and hike in a beautiful forest. And you can go snorkeling, and see the wildlife. The most beautiful place on earth. This is a natural sanctuary where you get the opportunity to explore everything. 

Best place for food around Villa Marbella

If you feel like having some cultural dolls of St Thomas and the Caribbean islands then you should visit these places.

Prime at Paradise Point

This is the place where you can sit and dine and watch the sunset. When you look out over you will see the harbor of  St. Thomas and beautiful views of St. Croix. Food is amazing and might be pricier. But it will give you all the worth. 

Cafe Ameilia and Cafe Amici

If you’re looking for a simple place to eat then Cafe Amilia is the best place. This is one of the best places to have a delicious breakfast. Not so pricey and worth every penny.

Pasta Go-Go

If you are a lover of coffee then you should visit this place. One of the best places for breakfast, and lunch with very reasonable prices. Here the sandwich is also very famous. You can pack and enjoy it by the sea.


Villa Marbella is one of the best locations around St. Thomas, USVI, and has everything to make you happy from beautiful sites to home-like comfort. You have the best experience of your life. Here you get the opportunity to connect with the real beauty of nature. This place is blessed with a rich history and a warm, welcoming culture where you are free from all kinds of stress.

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