Experience The Culture | Immersive Ways To Connect With St. Thomas Heritage 

Experience The Culture | Immersive Ways To Connect With St. Thomas Heritage

About St. Thomas culture 

St. Thomas Island is situated in the Caribbean islands and it is deeply influenced by the Virgin Islands. People from the British Virgin Islands and the US Virgin Islands reside here.  This region is based on the English speaking Caribbean and most of the influence is from  West Africa, Europe, and America. So most of these islands are made of rich heritage and a perfect blend of multiple cultures. 

Most of the people on Caribbean islands are English speaking so there are no issues with the communication. These people might have left their place of origin but they haven’t withdrawn from their culture and heritage. There are multiple contributors to the Virgin Islands from all over the world. From the 17th to mid-19th century immigrants from the Arab, Indian, and African continents were brought here. Africa was mostly brought in the form of slaves from various countries like Nigeria, Senegal, Congo, Gambia, and Ghana. These people brought their culture in the form of food with them. Virgin Island culture is full of creolization which is caused by the migration of people from all over the world with different backgrounds. 

These backgrounds have been very helpful in offering a vibrant culture and the US virgin island has the  ancestral influence on the region. Which offers an amazing experience for those who came here for an out of the world experience. St Thomas Villas has some historical monuments and memorials which reflect the historical influence of different regions on this island.

Language and literature of St Thomas and other regions.

Official language of most of the islands on the United States Virgin Islands is English and most of the official language of St. Thomas is also English. But for informal uses, virgin islands Creole is also an important regional language. In the past there were lots of immigrants from Spain and France so as a result of this Europe has a major impact on the language and literature also. The possession of the US Virgin Islands has been into the hands of Dutch, English, Scottish and Irish descent so there is a great impact on the people , region and culture of St. Thomas and related areas.

Due to this reason St. Thomas has been a center of diverse literature. The literature has been developed in simple English as well as Virgin island coral English. In these literatures, cultural, historical, and political developments of the virgin island have been described. The literature brings diverse sets of perspectives because of the diverse ancestral roots in the island. It has been very descriptive about colonization and self determination. And this has a deep influence on the music culture of this area. Tourists from all around the world attend the music festivals here every year. This has a major influence on local tourism. Local music festivals as well as international music festivals take place on St. Thomas every year which has a major impact on local language and culture.

Food and cuisine of St. Thomas

The traditional food items of St. Thomas are known for their spicy flavor and hearty taste. Most of the food items available in the restaurants and cafes are based on cultural backgrounds and combinations of different ethnicities. So it acquires food which resembles multiple foreign food items. The best part about the food of St. Thomas and related islands is that most of the ingredients including fish, fruits, and vegetables are grown by local farmers. Even the animal meat available here is available in nearby locations. This creates very culturally rich cuisine for visitors and tourists. The food of St. Thomas is a combination of European, African and Asian cuisine. And it has a touch of American food also. All these features make local food a very popular choice for people with the touch of North American dishes. From drinks, food, snacks, and local fruits have a tropical flavor which is hard to get anywhere else. 

Heritage of St Thomas

St. Thomas creates a perfect world, where people from different cultures interact with each other and offer an amazing experience for tourists. St Thomas Virgin Island has multiple heritage sites which include their actual forms and locals offer it great value. Whether it is natural or man-made it offers a great value for those who visit St. Thomas. These locations include the mountain top of St. Thomas which will give you the feel of a hilly terrain. These locations also include Magens Bay, 99 Steps, Morant Bay, and Bath Botanic Garden. In the same way there are multiple man made sites which include Morant bay courthouse, Fort Lindsay, Fort William and Morant bay fort. St. Thomas has black beard lighthouse and Morant Point lighthouse. The French heritage museum is also one of the major attractions which gives a heritage site view.

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