Festival and Events in St. Thomas

Festival and Events in St. Thomas

St. Thomas is one of the most attractive island destinations in the whole Caribbean islands. It is an amazing destination for all those fun-loving people who are looking for a break in life. In recent history, it has been found that people prefer a balance between their working life and the time they spend having fun. And this is why lots of fun-loving tourists come to St. Thomas and other Caribbean islands to find the adventure in life. And st thomas villas will not disappoint you if you are one of those people. There is a long list of things that you will find attractive here.

To make things more adventurous, lots of festivals and events are celebrated here. Every year at least 15 to 20 international events and festivals take place here. And this city is designed in such a way that it will offer you a perfect destination for staying and enjoying your time here. The city provides you with all the facilities which you are looking for. And it’s a luxurious place that suits the budget of everyone. There is a long list of events which take place every year. Let’s shed some light on the events and festivals that take place here. 

In the whole USVI, there are grand festival weeks that take place frequently and this is something that will give you the wildest experience if you are looking for excitement and adventure. 

Virgin Island Fashion Week

For fashionistas, this fashion week takes place every year in October. Here lots of aspiring designers arrive and showcase their designs. Most fashion lovers who visit St. Thomas during fashion week are from the United States, the Caribbean islands, and West Africa. On the Caribbean catwalk runway, these are themed shows which take place on beaches. Anyone who has a taste for fashion can attend this festival and for a week enjoy the fashion week event with lots of celebrity fashion experts. This event is open to everyone.

Annual holiday arts, crafts, and music festivals

In late November, there is a huge art festival that takes place in St. Thomas. Every year more than 30 artists from different backgrounds showcase their unique crafts for tourists. This is a perfect event for those who are in love with different kinds of Cairabbian designs and art. In addition to that, there are live music events and other forms of entertainment events that take place. This is an event for the whole family where little ones can also enjoy lots of free activities.

Christmas events of St. Thomas 

There is a 12-day Christmas event which takes place in Cairabbian USVI. There is a grand celebration which includes Christmas Day, Christmas Second Day, and Old Year Day which is also known as New Year’s Day. This celebration event wraps up on 6th January with a live music festival where people from all over the world gather for the celebration. This event gives an opportunity for the whole family to enjoy the holidays together.

America’s Paradise music and Comedy festivals

In recent years, the local talent of USVI has been growing, and as a result of that an annual festival takes place every year in which the best of local music and comedy arrives to allow everyone to enjoy. If you are planning a trip to st thomas virgin islands during the Father’s Day weekend you will be witnessing a huge event. There is a full-day music celebration and lots of VIP guests arrive at this event. These local musicians and comedians will give you an exciting event to enjoy. This allows everyone to enjoy a fun weekend with live music and other events. 

Virgin Island Carnival

In April and May, a grand celebration and carnival event takes place in St. Thomas. Three carnival events take place in the whole USVI islands. In St. Jones, it takes place in June and July and in St. Croix, it also takes place in December and January. This event has. A unique style that represents the culture of all of these three islands. These are some of the many tourist attractions of the Caribbean islands. And the carnival of April and May that takes place in St. Thomas is the second-largest carnival event in the Caribbean islands. This is a combination of multiple events and it takes an entire month in compliance. It includes parades, calypso shows, steel pan shows, queen pageants, and lots of other fun activities. In the same way, the carnival events of St John and St. Croix are very special. All these events showcase the cultural background of people residing here. 

You will find all the necessary facilities which include good food and luxury villa stays which make things very comfortable for all those who are here for fun and excitement. 

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