Hiking Trails And Nature Reserves In St. Thomas

Hiking Trails And Nature Reserves In St. Thomas

Nature Of Caribbean Island

The magnificent Caribbean islands are known for lots of things and one of those things is its nature and natural reserves. These areas are blessed with lots of beautiful locations and this has given it a fair share of the planet’s natural beauty. Its beauty begins with the panoramas of white sand beaches and clear blue oceans, to the lush, verdant interior regions filled with rainforests, swamps, waterfalls, and volcanic mountains. These locations offer a  jaw-dropping picture-postcard image for all those nature-loving tourists who are looking for an untouchable natural beauty with blissful hiking trails. There is lots of stuff to enjoy as the outdoor adventure. 

St. Thomas USVI And It’s Tourism

St. Thomas is one of the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean islands. This is an incorporated territory of the United States. This is a small island with untouched beauty of nature. This island is surrounded by small islands, it is one of the three big county equivalents islands of USVI. When you combine St Thomas in the list of tourist attractions then you get an amazing collection of natural reserves in the reach of your stay. 

Luxury Rentals St Thomas is a beautiful place with lots of facilities available in a very resourceful way and visitors get a home-like feeling. This is not a very populated area so there is a deep touch of nature for tourists. St. Thomas is a very beautiful place to visit but the question is where you can get the best service with a beautiful view of the nature reserves around the island. 

Villa Marbella And St. Thomas

Villa Marbella is one of the best villas to stay in if you are looking for amazing food and mind-blowing hiking trails. This place has an amazing location that brings it very close to nature’s beauty. The location of Villa Marbella is the perfect distance from all the untouchable nature spots of St. Thomas. This island has a land area of 80 square kilometers and a population of 42 thousand.

Most of its population is by the ocean and all the inner beauty is perfectly preserved so St. Thomas gives all the tools for the tourists for beautiful views and amazing landscapes for hiking trails. For the sake of an island dream, you need a place where you can get a beautiful view from your room. That’s why tourists prefer Villa Marbella. Villa Marbella is situated in Frenchman Bay, in the heart of St. Thomas. This villa is available at a very reasonable price. Let’s put some light on the details of Villa Marbella which gives a better experience for tourism in terms of hiking trails and natural reserves.

Location Of Villa Marbella

Villa Marbella is a very center of nature’s beauty on the whole island. It is situated in Frenchman’s Bay which is located on the shore of St. Thomas. In the background, you can find a beautiful site to hike and there are lots of other natural attractions. There is an amazing trail for outdoor adventure. This gives a breathtaking experience for tourism. The location of this villa gives very easy access to all kinds of natural reserves. 

There is a very smooth highway that will direct you to this villa when you are coming from Charlotte Amalie airport. And if you want to enjoy traveling through the sea then you will get a red hook fairy. This will give you a direct part to Donkey Hill and from there you will get a highway to the location. 

Key Features Of Villa Marbella In Terms Of Natural Beauty

Villa Marbella is located in a very accessible location from the Charlotte Amalie airport. As a result of this, it becomes very easy to reach here. 

If you live hiking and camping then there are a lot of parks where you get closer to nature. Hiking trails and natural reserves are one of the biggest reasons why people love this villa. 

Veterans Memorial Park is just three kilometers away. Here you will get to watch lots of historical things if you are a fan of history. Emancipation Gardens Park is a beautiful stretch in the area where you can enjoy long walks. Its distance is just three and a half kilometers. And Emile Griffith Park is for those who love art and craft. And it is just four kilometers from the region.

For the closest beach, you can go to Morning Star Beach which is just 900 meters. Or you can simply visit the Bologna Bay beach if you are looking for a bigger beach to walk. It is only one and a half kilometers away. All these locations give the most beautiful experience for nature lovers. You can access all these locations on foot or you can use transportation. 


There are lots of facilities available in Villa Marbella USVI which includes a luxurious stay. It provides 16 exotic rooms which come in the form of homestay. It enhances the home expenses of those who are looking for something unique and wish to explore the untouchable beauty of nature.

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