Holidays in St. Thomas, US. Virgin Island

Holidays in St. Thomas, US. Virgin Island

About St. Thomas Villas

Tourism has been a major attraction of the Virgin Islands. This is a group of small islands where the natural beauty is perfectly preserved. So if you are looking for an unforgettable vacation to a special place, this is the special place for you. Here you will get connected to the sunset by the seashore and you can also enjoy the cool morning breeze of the mountains. If you are looking for a perfect Island dream then you should check out this location. And while being there you need a pace for your head with all the basic luxury. And that place is Villa Marbella USVI which is located in the heart of St. Thomas Island.

All your dreams of watching a beautiful sunset by your window are possible in the Virgin Islands if you have the right location. And this million-dollar view is available on St. Thomas Island. Here one of the best places to stay is St. Thomas Villa which is situated in the center of the island. This is located in the location where you will get connected to the St. Thomas Villas in the center of St. Thomas USVI food.

Location of Villa Marbella 

The location of Villa Marbella USVI is a beautiful villa which is situated in the perfect location between Red Hook and Charlotte Amalie. This gives it a perfect view of hills on one side and the sea on the other. For a perfect view of the mountains with all the luxury, this is one of the best-known locations in the St. Thomas USVI. In the pursuit of a perfect place to stay with all the perfect vacation places with a peaceful place to stay then St. Thomas Virgin Islands will have everything for you. The warm air of the tropical region and lush landscaping by the seashore is the reason why thousands of tourists arrive here every year. The whole year around here you will get a touch of cool breeze and the best combination of food choices of Caribbean touch is another feature of these villas.

Villa Marbella offers a beautiful smear campaign experience from all the surroundings and collective bargaining with beaches, shopping, and multiple cultural food choices which makes St. Thomas a great place to stay. Here you will get unbeatable Caribbean sunsets with a glass of wine. Villa Marbella will provide you with a hike-like experience. From a public pool to rooms offering complete privacy, and a resting place for your stay the vintage touch is the best feature of this place. The places are equipped with all the basics that will balance a peaceful stay with the excitement of living in a very silent place. 

Facilities available at Villa Marbella 

St. Thomas Villas has a professional group of people with amazing hostility which gives a very friendly and cooperative vibe. The villa is equipped with all kinds of basic as well as luxurious facilities. The inside and outside of the villa are very simple but they offer a home-like vibe. It offers a very quality service experience. If you are looking to dine in them this place offers an experienced staff. The newest airport from Villa Marbella is Cyril E. King International Airport and you will get a pickup and drop from the hotel. You can also travel by sea and this is why every year three major Cruise ships and hundreds of small ships rest on the dock of St. Thomas. You can book an easy cab to the villa. This gives very easy access to the villa for those who are first-time travelers to St. Thomas. St. Thomas is one of the major historical destinations in the Caribbean island. 

The Real Culture of Caribbean food

Villa Marbella has an amazing experience with food and when we are talking about St. Thomas it is a part of the Caribbean islands. And these are a collection of small islands in which the food has been given a lot of priority. This food culture is the main reason why tourism is growing and people are enjoying the St. Thomas villas so much. People from all over the world love to spend their holidays here for these reasons. 

The menu of this place is very versatile and there are many reasons for that. People from different locations and different continents have been residing here because it has a colonial history. This has created a combination of different cultural backgrounds. Here you will find people of the cultural background of Arawak, Carib, and Taino “Indians” in the Caribbean Islands. And when they arrived here they also brought their food. 

So now this is the reason why on every villa of St. Thomas you will get food varieties with different flavors. These people on this island have a balanced diet of vegetables and fruits such as papaya, yams, guavas, and cassava. And after the arrival of Taino, the meat and fish also became part of the menu. After that Carib Indians had their spices and lemon juice with their culture and this made an amazing combination of different flavors. And the Caribbean favorite dishes evolved and became a unique attraction for the tourists. 


From beautiful places and historical touch to the culture and villa Marbella is the center of all of these. With the combination of different food cultures St. Thomas USVI has become a major tourist spot. Villa Marbella of St. Thomas provides a premium quality stay for your holidays. As a result of this, you will be getting a dream vacation in the Caribbean islands. With the limited population, easy transportation and hospitality of St. Thomas is one of the major characteristics of this place. Rooms are very limited and staff is very hospitable and this gives a touch of home-like environment for you. In the list of top St. Thomas villas Villa Marbella is an amazing place to stay in. So you should give it a try.

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