Island Hopping: St. Thomas and Beyond

Island hopping: St. Thomas and beyond

About St. Thomas tourism destination 

If you are looking for the best destination for adventure with blissful stay in the western hemisphere then, St. Thomas is one of the best destinations for that. For beautiful hotels and villas for your relaxing mood to adventure activities which you are looking for the finest things which you can enjoy here. Most of the things available on this island are unique for those who are looking for a break and wish to explore the adventures of the Caribbean weather. There is a huge collection of adventure activities such as underwater exploration, beach sports, hiking through the Caribbean forests and lots more. There are multiple beaches and coral reefs to explore so you will be getting an amazing experience on a small island. As a result of this, your time will be valued properly.

What is special for tourists on St Thomas?

The total area of St. Thomas is 32 square miles. But all these destinations offer an amazing experience here in a very compact area. From multiple historical landmarks including watch towers, forts and memorials to various beaches and adventure activities, this place will provide you a complete package for transportation and logistics. As a result of this as a tourist you will get the opportunity to explore lots of things. And one of the best is that you will get the opportunity of island hopping on St. Thomas.

Three major beaches of St Thomas Villas are Magens Bay beach, Coki point beach and Lindquist beach. Other than this Sapphire Beach is also a popular destination. Due to the demographic structure of this island, you will get the opportunity to explore all these beaches through beach hopping at a very reasonable price. There are lots of possibilities for island hopping on St. Thomas Island. You will get a luxury tour for beach hopping and island hopping at a very reasonable price. 

You can explore nearby islands as well throughout the United States Caribbean islands. This is an amazing experience with all kinds of faculties available for a very reasonable price and location of your choice. Beach hopping is one of the most famous tourist attractions where you can rent a car and experience all the major beaches of St. Thomas. Magens Bay Beach and Coki Point Beach have a different vibe and Lindquist Beach and Sapphire Beach have different vibe. 

You can experience the changes you will feel after visiting their beaches. For that, beach hopping tours are the most reasonable and affordable way to explore different destinations. Here you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling and deep sea diving with experienced personnel. But if you are looking for a relaxing mood then you can simply enjoy multiple beaches. 

St. Thomas and island hopping

St. Thomas has one of the best qualities of island hopping and you can enjoy hopping through different islands through easy transportation facilities. There is a long list of multiple island destinations around St. Thomas which are available for tourists with easy traveling options. You can get a small boat to a luxury yacht according to your choice. Their most famous tourist destination other than St. Thomas includes St. John island, Water island, Tortola island and Virgin Gorda are the major destinations which you can visit as a hopping island hopping.

You can hire transportation for a day or longer gateway. This kind of island hopping will be available at a very reasonable price and this makes your traveling very adventurous. Island hopping has become very easy with time because in recent years there are major developments in traveling through water and you will find it very safe. So if you’re in St. Thomas then you can enjoy beach hopping and if you have been to most of the destinations of that St. Thomas then you should visit other destinations around it. There are many islands around St. Thomas and for that there are multiple traveling opinions available with the help of island hopping services.

What to expect from island hopping around St Thomas?

Other than St. Thomas, one of the most famous islands in st thomas virgin islands. But if you wish to explore more options then there are places like Water island, Tortola island and the very famous virgin Gorda. Here you will get white sand beaches with clean water, snorkeling, underwater diving and reef exploration, and beautiful lagoons. There is authentic natural beauty on these islands and the best part is there are no cruise ship crowds to make you feel bitter. There are multiple destinations for best quality seafood with the touch of cultural background and best quality stays. This is something that is hard to find in any other place of the world with minimum expenses. And the finest stays will make you feel like home.

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