Off The Beaten Path: Hidden Gems Of St. Thomas

Off The Beaten Path Hidden Gems Of St Thomas

St. Thomas and its mystical beauty

St. Thomas is one of the major tourist destinations in the U.S virgin Islands. The U.S Virgin Islands the best destination that you can enjoy is St. Thomas. Other than St. Thomas, there are other islands including St. Croix and St. John. For most people, St. Thomas is the shopping capital of the Caribbean. This is the place where you can buy duty-free goods. People visit St. Thomas to enjoy a laid back lifestyle. This is a place that will offer you an ear to ear smile with its club culture and multiple festivals year around.

There are lots of famous places which tourists feel they could enjoy. And with its rich culture and welcoming hospitality you will feel at home. There are lots of varieties of food items that came together when people from multiple backgrounds and regions came together on a single island. Wine and other drinks on St. Thomas are also very famous. All these food and drink items are produced on this island. So it is a perfect place for parties and celebrations. But there are lots of hidden gems that make St Thomas Villas a special destination for people from all over the world.

Hidden destinations of St Thomas 

There are lots of destinations in St. Thomas that are not very popular but if you have a certain interest then these places will be the perfect tourism spot for you. From luxurious villas and hotels of St. Thomas, there are small resorts that offer the home-like stay. There are villas like Villa Marbella and Villa Thomas which offer home stays with the best quality food and hood like vibes. 

There are lots of historical landmarks which create a curiosity among visitors. There is black beard castle which has a fascinating history. So if you like history and especially those structures which are built in the pirates format then this castle will be offering you a complete package of surprises. Blackbeard was a very famous pirate and if you are interested in pirates then this is the best place to visit. It was built in the form of a lookout tower by pirates with the help of stones.

For those who wish to enjoy the deep blue sea and coral reefs of the Caribbean. Tourists can explore underwater sports. There is a coral reef under the sea observatory for the explanation of the underwater world. This is something that is not known to many because people visit this place just for parties and celebrations. But those who want to explore the sea can experience something very attractive.

In the same way, if you want to experience the life of the sea then you can easily find lots of small boats which are known as pizza pie. With these boats, you can sail and swim on the deep blow ocean of St. Thomas island. They are called pizza pie because they look like one. 

There are also self-guided audio city tours which is a very unique experience for visitors. And there is a scavenger hunt which took place in St. Thomas. And if you like snorkeling and hiking through the sea just like you do in a forest then you can find multiple centers which offer you the experience. 

Other hidden gems of St. Thomas

Multiple specialized things make St Thomas Virgin Islands very social. But the biggest game changer is the flavor of food that is available on this island. Some specific restaurants and cafes offer good quality food which gives you an experience of the cultural touch of the Caribbean. Because this island is a combination of multiple cultures you get to experience the collection of all these cultures. There are places like Out, which is a floating restaurant. This place has amazing quality ceviche tacos. 

For street food and food tours, you can roam around the streets of St. Thomas. One of the most famous spots includes Charlotte Amalie and Spanish Cafe. You can also enjoy exotic drinks and wines created from the resources of St. Thomas. 

Coral World Ocean Park and Magen’s Bay offer multiple secret breaches. This is something that is growing with time. These are the hidden gems and other shared lesser known attractions will give you a unique experience. 

It’s not just the locations in the sea but on the island, you will find mangrove forests which you can explore by kayak and hike through the forest. These are amazing experiences for most people who love to explore a set of things. And even if you have been to Caribbean islands, there are lots of hidden gems around which will give you our world experience. And it is very safe if you are traveling solo. You will get a very comfortable environment as well.

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