St. Thomas: A Paradise For Water Enthusiasts


St. Thomas islands have been very famous and from the point of view of tourists, it offers different kinds of ways in which you can enjoy your time here. Whatever your preference is, St Thomas Virgin Islands has everything to make your experience better by all means. There is a long list of pleasurable experiences that are offered by St Thomas has a beautiful island and people residing here.

 From amazing food to eat, luxurious places to stay, and connectivity with nature. You are going to get lots of amazing stuff on this island. The most attractive view of St Thomas can be found around the beaches. Here you are going to showcase the island’s stunning beauty, water sports adventure, and coral reefs. These islands have an amazing experience for tourists and this is why every year more than five hundred thousand people from all over the world come to St Thomas to explore the real beauty of nature.

St. Thomas is a perfect combination of hilltops and sea shores. So this is the reason why people who love to track in hills and people who want a diving experience come here. But most importantly St Thomas has been loved for its sunsets by the beach, which gives a mesmerizing experience. 

St. Thomas and the island’s stunning beaches 

St. Thomas islands and all the other small islands around offer amazing destinations for beach lovers. This is because St. Thomas has been one of the cleanest islands in the Caribbean islands. The infrastructure of this island supports tourism. To showcase the island’s stunning beauty beaches play a very important role. There are six different beaches in St Thomas which include Magens Bay Beach, Lindquist Beach, Brewers Bay, Hull Bay Beach, Coki Beach, and Sapphire Beach. 

These islands offer amazing tropical getaways where you will see palm trees swinging with the fresh air. And the best part is the sun glinting on the blue water. All these beaches are filled with soft sand and rocky shores. You can enjoy a crazy beach party or a pleasant destination for relaxation. From good food to a clean environment these beaches of St Thomas have it. 

Coral reefs of St Thomas island

Out of all the coral reefs of the Virgin Islands, there are only three islands where you will find coral islands. And if you are looking for the best coral reefs then St Thomas is the best. Other than St. Thomas’ other coral reefs are in St. Croix and St. John. Multiple beaches are covered with beautiful reefs. There are many types of coral reefs which include deep reefs and patch reefs. There are lots of tourists who are interested in watching the life on the coral reefs. And for this St Thomas provides all the facilities. 

Best snorkeling spots in the St. Thomas

There are lots of beaches in St Thomas where you can enjoy snorkeling. You will get all the equipment and accessories on these beaches to enjoy life under the sea. There are multiple beaches recommended for snorkeling which include Coki Beach, Sapphire Beach, secret Harbor Beach, and Water Islands.

On the whole US Virgin Island, St Thomas is a paradise for snorkeling sports. It offers lots of underwater landscapes for exploration. Whether you are an amateur snorkeler or an experienced diver you can enjoy the hospitable environment of St Thomas after exploring this island you will understand how amazing it is to watch the stunning Marine world that thrives under the surface of Caribbean paradise. This is one of the best places to make beautiful memories of nature. 

Water sports and St. Thomas

St. Thomas is known for its beaches and the water world around it. St Thomas is an amazing place where you can enjoy lots of water sports. There are lots of boats which you can enjoy exploring. You can hire a luxury charter according to your budget. Multiple companies will provide you with an amazing experience with lots of other things so you can enjoy multiple water sports. It includes wakeboarding, surfing, swimming, Kayaking,  sailing, canoeing, and diving experience. And if you wish to hire a professional for that then multiple expert firms will offer you the best service at reasonable prices. All these water sports adventure activities here are safe and secure. 


St Thomas Villas is one of the finest places where you can enjoy sunset by the sea with a calm breeze blowing on your face. And there are lots of things which you will fall in love with. St. Thomas is a beautiful place to explore the finest quality. You will enjoy the food and rich culture of St Thomas. And you will be enjoying your stay in the eco-friendly environment of multiple villas and resorts like Villa Marbella. Multiple facilities keep you closer to the sea world, where you can explore the amazing beauty of underwater sports. So it is justified to say that St Thomas is a water enthusiast. 

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