St Thomas Places To Stay

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St Thomas is of course within a group of islands geographically sector of the Virgin Islands archipelago which are located in the Leeward Islands of the Lesser Antilles. These are known as the United States Virgin Islands and are a quick plane hop from south Florida any many other major US airports.

No matter which of the US Virgin Islands you choose: St Thomas, St John, St Croix or even Water Island, each offer a plethora of things to do, places to explore, loads of dining options, world-class beaches and fortunately for you really great places to stay.

In this blog post we will cover one island in particular and one topic: St Thomas Places To Stay that Provide Needed Relaxation or as some would call it: Chillaxation!

St Thomas Places To Stay villa marbellaSt Thomas is widely known as the gateway to the Caribbean. Refers to as the gateway for several reasons but the two major factors are the fact that Saint Thomas welcomes more Cruiseship passengers than any other of the virgins, and probably the most in the entire Caribbean. It is also known as the “hub” because it’s the seat of government for the US Virgin islands and is by far the most cosmopolitan and is more focused on commerce than its sister islands.   

All these facts leads to a distinct advantage on the hospitality industry front. There are a wide variety of Places To Stay in St Thomas – anything from camping (basic standard to glamorous style: known as Glamping – a portmanteau) to some of the most highly rated luxury resort hotels in the world. Among them would be: The Ritz-Carlton St Thomas, Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, St Thomas Marriott and Frenchman’s Reef & Morning Star Marriott Beach Resort, Margaritaville St. Thomas, Elysian Beach Resort and others.

And while these places to stay are certainly acceptable for more people, they do have one very distinct disadvantage you need to be aware of – they tend to be quite large and overcrowded.

Certainly not meant to disrespect any of these fine resorts, some are quite nice yet they’re not for everyone. It really comes down to what type of vacation you are expecting and desiring.

If you’re wanting a vacation / holiday with loads of options and several huge multi-configured and shaped pools, several on-property restaurant options and want to meet loads of new people for all walks of life, and just love booking luxury suites, then these mega-resorts will be right up your alley.

And of course St Thomas and the Virgin Islands overall, have every type of Hotel, Resort, B&B, Guesthouse, Villa, Vacation Rentals in between. From the very modest and basic to the more splendid and sophisticated.

The advantages of doing your vacation stay at one of the places other than the mega-resorts are many… these vacation rentals and villas tend to be far more private, little to no crowds, no real hassles like long lines to check-in or to get seated, or to find a suitable place to campout at the pool, not having to walk half a mile just to get to your room, etc.

As mentioned some folks like and maybe even prefer that sort of thing. However an increasingly large number of people are opting instead for less hassle, more privacy and far more comfort in terms of gleaning all that you can form your vacation. Plus the added bonus is the more private, personal villas, BnBs and vacation rentals / guesthouses allow you to decompress better and far more quickly. That way you truly derive all than you can from you tropical vacation / holiday than you would otherwise.  

Hustle-bustle mega-resort hotels vs private villa suites… not really much of a decision now is it?

Stay tuned here for even more details on things to go, places to visit, etc. while on St Thomas.





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