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If you’ve never been to the gorgeous Virgin Islands, honestly what are you waiting for? And if you have visited these crystal-clear blue waters, where have you been? You are missed…  

Not only is ‘America’s Paradise’ and Britain’s ‘Nature’s Little Secrets’ truly some of the most breath-taking tropical settings you will ever experience but all the islands are a quick easily flight from the US and Canada.

Only slightly more than two hours from Miami / Ft Lauderdale International airports. Now that is convenient, I’d say, wouldn’t you? And if you’re coming from Europe of similar, many airlines offer direct flight from overseas as well.

Plus if you are a resident of the United States you don’t even need a passport to visit the US Virgin Islands. Now what could be better than that, right?

Of course before you depart you will want to be sure to book your Virgin Islands Hotel or Virgin Islands Resort. Thankfully you have loads to choose from in this category.

The Virgin Islands offers anything from basic bed & breakfast guesthouse style accommodations to the far more elaborate Luxury Report settings and everything in between.

What you choose really comes down to what you are expecting from your stay. Do you need to have all the crazy amenities available at your beck-&-call? If so then you’ll likely want to choose one of the mega-resorts, where they are short on privacy yet long on accoutrements.

Virgin Islands Hotel Virgin Islands Resort hammockHowever if your preferences lie more in the demure and privacy and no hassles if more your style then you would be good-to-go by booking a private villa or vacation rental.

These places, like Villa Marbella Suites for example, are quite beneficial when you really want to chill out, relax by the pool unabated and truly enjoy all the islands have to offer.

Plus this type of accommodations are true hospitality at its finest because they are operated by locals who really know their little piece of paradise. Most owners or operators of these villas and vacation rentals simply love to share their knowledge of the local areas and culture and ca steer you in the right direction to have a blast.

Only thing to do next is to figure out Which Luxury Resorts to Book in the Virgin Islands. Well, fortunately for you (and your family or loved ones) that is precisely the topic of our next blog post, so drop on by here again soon and read on… We’ll keep on posting value info for your travels.




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