ST. Thomas US Virgin Islands Vacation Rental Villa

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When considering a visit to the Caribbean you must know you have a plethora of islands countries to choose from. Makes it quite nice, right?

Of course the further south you go – into the Lesser Antilles the longer it’s going to take you on your journey but also because you are closer to the equator the hotter and balmier it’s going to be.

This is probably why so many wide travelers choose the Virgin Islands. Certainly ensconced solidly geographically in the Caribbean but not too far where you have to make sleeping arrangements in your airplane seat and negotiate with your seat neighbors.

And of course another massive benefit if you are a United States citizen is that should you choose the US Virgin Islands there is no need for a passport.

And regardless of which of the US Virgin Islands you choose: St Croix –largest of the main three, St John – small compares to most Caribbean islands, or St Thomas – the cosmopolitan of the US chain with tiny Water Island in its main harbor of Charlotte Amalie. Any one of these gorgeous islands offer a overabundance of exciting things to do, great places to explore, an excess of dining options, world-class and highly rated beaches and of course fantastic places to stay.

So once you’ve settled on what chain of islands to visit, the only dilemma (if we can call it that) is what type of accommodations is best suitable for your tastes.

To be sure there are a large selection of places to stay or US Virgin Islands rentals in the US Virgin Islands – anything from camping or glamping to some of the most highly rated resort on planet earth and everything in between.

Same_Views_Virgin_Islands_Vacation_RentalsSomething that must be pointed out here is that while these mega-resorts are no doubt acceptable for some people, they do have one obvious disadvantage many folks don’t even think about – they are often quite huge and crowded.

Certainly these fine resorts can be nice, yet they are simply not for everyone. Often it comes down to deciding what type of vacation/holiday you want or are expecting.

If you’re desiring a holiday / vacation with lots of choices and multiple uniquely shaped pools and grottos, on-property restaurants and want to interact with hordes of new “friends” from every possible walk of life, than by all means these mega-resorts will be quite suitable for you and your family.

Yet there are substantial advantages of investing your vacation time at places other than the mega-resorts. The villas and vacation rentals are nearly always much more private, no overcrowding, nearly zero true hassles. What hassles you ask? How about long lines to check-in the hotel and check-out of the place, difficulty in locating an acceptable position at or at least near the pool, or how about walking the length of a NFL football field simply to get to your room every day and in the dark of night?

No doubt some vacationer do indeed like and perhaps even choose these kinds of obstacles. Yet a surprisingly large number of folks are choosing instead the far less hassle route, choosing much more privacy and much more comfort like getting all that they can form their tropical vacation. And the real bonus is the more private, personal Virgin Islands Vacation Rentals allow you to destress far better and more quickly. That way they can really grasp all they can from their Caribbean vacation than would be attained from choosing the mega-resorts.

Hassles-filled mega-resorts vs Private Vacation Rentals… the choice doesn’t even seem fair now does it?

Stay tuned here for even more details on stuff to do, places to go and visit, etc. while in the Virgin Islands.


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