Which Luxury Resorts to Book in the Virgin Islands

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There are many fine choices of Luxury Resorts to choose from in the Virgin Islands but the real question remains Which Luxury Resorts to book in the Virgin Islands and how do you go about narrowing down those choices.

Certainly when we discuss making decisions that are a bit more on the pricey side you want to take your time and do your research, right? After all this isn’t one of those lower-end purchases like those you’ll find at the checkout counter at your local big-box retailer or where to take the kiddies for a double-dip ice-cream cone. This is a full-fledged vacation, we’re talking about here.

Booking Your Next Luxury Resort Vacation Spot lone beachSo obviously you’d probably want to start with the internet – because after all, everything can be found there, right? Good, bad or indifferent the net is a virtual Encyclopedia Britannica of knowledge.

SIDE NOTE: for those of you young folks who don’t know what an “Encyclopedia Britannica” is, you can ask nearly any seasoned citizen – or Google it.

So to locate a list of Luxury Resorts to book in the Virgin Islands, simply type a few of those keywords like: “Luxury Resorts Virgin Islands” and either click on any Luxury Resorts that may come up or visits places like TripAdvisor. These types of sites will certainly allow you to peruse a whole lot of valid resort candidates in the general area of those sites.

Another good place to check out is the forums on such sites. Unlike the general areas or even the ‘sales’ areas were the site is trying to sell you on booking this resort or that one, the forums will feature people just like you discussing the various attributes of a property – and perhaps its downfalls as well.

And of course another great resource not enough people take advantage of is the hotel and tourism boards in the various areas. And perhaps even the Chamber of Commerce if the area you are surveying does not have a tourism board (of course the Virgin Islands does have both). These can truly be quite invaluable when looking to book a luxury resort in the Virgin Islands.

Stay tunes for our next blog post where we will discuss Booking Your Next Luxury Resort Vacation Spot

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