Love and Valentines in St. Thomas

Love and Valentines in St. Thomas

Introduction to one of the most beautiful romantic destination 

There are lots of romantic places for couples when it comes to the USA and Europe. Especially during the Valentine’s Week celebration, people try to find a calm and silent place for their romantic getaway. Beaches are a very popular choice and watching a beautiful sunset by the seashore is one of the most romantic things to do. And this is why couples look for the most beautiful beaches. For that list, St. Thomas and related USV islands are a very popular choice. 

For lots of reasons, St. Thomas is a perfect place for marriage and romantic vacation by the sea. St. Thomas and its beauty is perfect for every romantic occasion. You can book a perfect spot for a wedding or a Valentine’s Day celebration. It can also be a perfect match for birthdays and anniversaries. 

There are lots of breathtaking spots with beautiful views that will perfectly match your romantic destinations. From great options for your stay and enjoy the cultural food of the Caribbean to great places for outdoor enjoyment, St. Thomas has it all. It creates a great spot for a destination wedding to a couple’s getaway for a honeymoon. 

Places for love birds in St. Thomas

Coral World Ocean Park

To enjoy the best moments of your life you can dive into the coral world of the ocean. This is one of the most beautiful things that you can do together. It was developed in 2004 as a tourist attraction. It will take you deep into the ocean life of the Caribbean. There are undersea observatories that follow the dolphin tracks under the ocean. As a couple, this is the best to do in the Caribbean. This has been voted one of the best tourist attractions.

Magens Bay

If you want to make a perfect holiday spot for couples then Magens Bay is that perfect spot. Magens Bay is a horseshoe-shaped tropical beach that is a perfect destination for all manner of activities. For couples, this bay offers spots for sunbathing and picnicking. And if you like adventure then you can enjoy kayaking. It also offers amazing destinations for hiking and if you live in nature then you can stay in mountain top getaways.

Beaches of St. Thomas

St. Thomas is famous for its beaches. And it has brought a new trend with its beautiful beaches. These beaches are great places for snorkeling and diving. You will enjoy the warm breeze by the ocean. This makes it a perfect destination for couples. In recent years, Lindquist Beach and Sapphire Beach have been used as a destination wedding spot. Where people travel from different countries to get married. 

Secret Harbor

For those couples who love their privacy and are looking for a perfect exit. There is a secret Harbor where you can be with your partner. And enjoy the company of each other. It is a great idea for those love birds who have been looking for their personal space. This harbor offers clean water, good vibes, and the best customer service with amazing food. This is a perfect couple love spot if you are more into each other and wish to get a room from the outer world.

Mountain top

This is a perfect destination for the amazing views. You can click pictures, watch the sunset, and enjoy long hiking and camping by the mountains. It provides a perfect view of St. Thomas and couples love the privacy they get from here. The mountain top offers a perfect view for a couple of pictures and an amazing sunset view for a romantic evening. 

All these amazing destinations in St. Thomas US Virgin Island makes it a perfect couple getaway with lots of adventure and fun time to enjoy the holidays. And in recent years it has been a very popular spot for destination weddings and family get-togethers. 

Hospitality and food of St. Thomas

One of the most attractive things about St. Thomas is its food and rich culture. This makes it one of the safest places to visit for those couples who are looking for a perfect stay. There are lots of exotic villas and hotels. Most of these villas and hotels have very hospital staff with amazing views.

Places such as Villa Marbella USVI offer great rooms with all the facilities. In St. Thomas, there are beautiful churches that were built in the late 1800s. These churches are the perfect destination for weddings and St. Thomas’ rich food is available in every corner of the town. Due to the diversified culture of St. Thomas, food from different countries and regions comes into one bowl of Caribbean island. 

The French wine of St. Thomas is also very famous among tourists. And one of the biggest assets of this region is the hospitality and welcoming behavior of people in USLV. Most of the villas are very hospitable and with a limited number of rooms. Villa Marbella has only 15 rooms with all the major facilities required. This makes it a perfect fit for any kind of romantic occasion. From Valentine’s Day to your wedding day, you can be a part of this beautiful location.

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