Safety in St. Thomas

Safety in St. Thomas

What St. Thomas has to offer?

St. Thomas is one of the top tourism destinations in the whole Caribbean islands. When you are staying in St. Thomas and other small islands around it. These are the exotic destinations of the US Virgin Islands where you get all kinds of facilities in a small area. From food to accommodation, everything is luxurious in these areas. In the St Thomas villas, there is a huge collection of tourist attractions that offer a rich culture, food varieties, and most exotic stay facilities.

 St. Thomas attracts hundreds to thousands of visitors from all over the world. And for that, there is a complete infrastructure package for the users. With that, you would also get duty-free shipping for clothes and jewelry. St. Thomas has luxury villas, hotels, and condos. You can adjust your stay according to your budget. In the same way, there is a wide range of food facilities to offer you Caribbean cultural food and different diversified food varieties from all over the world. And if you go outside you can go for water activities and water sports to beaches and coral reefs to green hills for trekking, there is everything that you can get a hang of. 

Is St. Thomas safe?

St. Thomas is a very safe destination for tourists from all over the world. But there are a few things that you should consider for a safe and sound quality experience. 

You should make all your bookings through a respectable travel advisory. This will give you better options in terms of staying in St. Thomas. The crime rate in St. Thomas is more than average but mostly affects locals. There might be issues of theft and gang violence but there is nothing extreme to risk tourists. 

There are a few areas in St. Thomas that you should avoid because your safety can be in jeopardy. These areas include Frenchman Hills, Coki Beach, and Charlotte Amalie. But these places are dangerous at night. So you should avoid being around these places. To keep things under control there are more than a hundred police staff to keep the law and order in line. These offers are well-trained to protect and keep things under control. 

It Is advisable to travel with family or spouse rather than traveling solo. Because there are slight chances you might face problems in terms of safety. And also avoids being out at night because goons and thieves are more active at night. And you can use public transport on the island. You can use landmarks and addresses of hotels for better navigation. 

Most of the people in St. Thomas are friendly and welcoming in nature. But just like any other place on this earth, there is some criminal mindset in society. There are occasional thefts and pickpocketing but there are no life-threatening issues on this island. 

Nature and environment of St. Thomas Island

St. Thomas has a very safe environment with very pleasant weather that offers a great experience for tourists. There are issues of carbon monoxide poisoning on this island. The weather changes accordingly so you can plan your vacation as per your mood. September is the wettest month of the year, in the same way, March is the driest. And if you are going in January and February then you will feel cold. And if you don’t want to go in the most warm month then you should avoid going in August because it is the hottest month in St. Thomas. Most of the places of St. Thomas’ Virgin Islands are unique and deliver an amazing experience. In St. Thomas hurricanes are the biggest issue but hurricanes only happen in the hurricane session. And you will get warnings so you can protect yourself. You can avoid traveling to St. Thomas during that period. 

What should you do before going to St. Thomas Virgin Island?

The most important thing is that you should get a travel visa before visiting St. Thomas. You should be respectful of the local customs, communities, and culture of Caribbean islands. There are some areas and landmarks which you should avoid traveling at night. It includes Coki Beach, Savan, Frenchman Hills, and Charlotte Amalie. It’s common sense that you should use it and you will be safe. And never be careless about the weather and the power of nature. Avoid going in water bodies with protection and keep checking the weather. There are regular weather forecast notifications on the island’s network so you should consider following that. 

Most countries don’t consider St Thomas and other Caribbean islands a threat to the lives of their people. The US State Department considers St. Thomas a level 1 location in terms of safety according to citizens should exercise normal safety standards.

The Canadian travel advisory also has no concern for the safety of their people in the St Thomas US Virgin Islands. And there is no threat from the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and they have no issues with the safety of their people also. 

With common sense and awareness, you can be very safe in St. Thomas and other islands around it. And you can consider it a basic safety level concern and enjoy your time in these destinations.

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